What chocolate chips can I use that are keto-friendly?

The good news with a ketogenic lifestyle is that you do not need to make a ton of sacrifices — there are a ton of keto chocolate chip options available to you.

My favorites?

  1. Dark Chocolate:  Lily’s Dark Chocolate Baking Chips
  2. Semi-Sweet Chocolate:  Lily’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Baking Chips
  3. Milk Chocolate:  Lily’s Milk Chocolate Baking Chips

Most importantly, become aware of the “total net carbs” when choosing a keto chocolate chip.  Since you likely have daily macronutrient goals, it’s important to not just look for something marketed as “low-carb.”  Calculate your “total net carbs” by looking at the “total carbohydrates” and subtract “dietary fiber” and “sugar alcohols” on the nutrition facts.

For more than just low-carb and keto chocolate chips, Lily’s has a ton of products available.  You should be able to find these products at Whole Foods without ordering from Amazon.

Feel free to explore some of my Keto Dessert Recipes to use your new keto chocolate chips.

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