Almond Flour Fathead Pizza

🧀  Cheese on top of saucy baked cheese ... yes, please! This pizza recipe and a few others still leave me completely shook in how delicious (& nutritious) they are.  If you're a cheese lover, you're going to love this recipe -- and I think this is the most "authentic pizza" recipe converted keto ... … Continue reading Almond Flour Fathead Pizza

Keto 5 Minute Pizza

You can never have too many ways to make a keto pizza ... right? Let's be real -- we all like pizza, french fries, and tacos ... and if you don't, I'm not quite sure you're human.  It's important to find a creative way to make these recipes low-carb/keto-friendly to keep your sanity. That said, … Continue reading Keto 5 Minute Pizza

Keto Woven Bacon Pizza Crust

I'll admit:  pizza still has a special place in my heart. Yes, I went "off the bandwagon" this past week and had a regular slice of pizza while out with a friend.  See, that's the thing:  A SLICE ... just one. I believe you can treat yourself, on occasion, once you've earned the right to … Continue reading Keto Woven Bacon Pizza Crust

Flourless Chicken Crust Pizza

OK, raise of hands - who is bored with using cauliflower? Surprisingly we have a lot of pizza options for KETO:  cauliflower, fathead, and my new discovery of a shredded chicken crust.  Yes ... chicken, egg, and cheese. Personally I love this option because the fathead dough and other variations of a cauliflower crust are … Continue reading Flourless Chicken Crust Pizza

Quick Breadsticks & Pizza Crust

You're lying if you say you haven't missed pizza in your new lifestyle. Why continue the suffering?  There are so many ways you can still indulge in some of your old favs ... with a healthy spin, like this recipe with just 4 ingredients. I'm sure you've heard of a number of complex recipes to … Continue reading Quick Breadsticks & Pizza Crust