Keto Coconut Macaroons

Something about "coconut" and keto Holiday cookies was the muse for this low-carb recipe. "Keto Coconut Macaroons" isn't something you hear often, but why not keep options open for gluten-free and sugar-free guests? Cookies or not by a technicality, I'd feel confident adding these Keto Coconut Macaroons onto a Holiday cookie tray. ... don't forget … Continue reading Keto Coconut Macaroons

Keto Samoa Cookie Bars

Yes, you read that right ... "Keto Girl Scout Samoas."  It's a thing! I still don't know the reason why some people call them "Caramel deLites," but they will forever be Samoas in my world.  Praise be to the keto gods for introducing low-carb ingredients to work with my ketogenic lifestyle. Make note that this … Continue reading Keto Samoa Cookie Bars

Keto Coconut Chocolate Candy Bar

I just refuse to overpay for a "keto candy bar" so I had to make my own. 🤤 You know those nights when you're just feening for a sweet treat?  Well, make a batch of these and keep them in the freezer for those dire situations. The beauty of this recipe is that you can … Continue reading Keto Coconut Chocolate Candy Bar